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Mobius focuses on creating the conditions in which people thrive.

We work across corporate and sporting sectors to help individuals, teams and organisations fully realise their potential

Our expertise is built on extensive research and years of work in personal and leadership development.

Combining a genuine understanding of elite performance and a deep insight into mindful practice, Mobius works closely with its clients to provide transformational coaching and training that has a great impact at the human level. Getting the best out of people ensures a motivated and productive workforce and provides our clients with a real competitive advantage.


Maintaining positive wellbeing can be a challenge in moments of stress, particularly in times of transition as athletes retire and find success and fulfilment beyond sport.

Mobius is currently undertaking an extensive research project into factors that allow athletes to thrive during their career and throughout their transition.

Our team of experts provide support for athletes looking to find balance in their life and create the conditions that allow them to prosper and achieve their personal and performance goals.


The role of leadership is to create an environment in which people thrive.

Mobius's research has identified the six key factors present in all high performance environments that allow leaders to maximise the productivity and effectiveness of people within their organisation.

We work with organisations to build a leadership team that truly understand how to motivate their staff and drive human performance.


Why does transition cause anxiety?

If you are like me, leaving your sport to find success elsewhere can be a journey that is both confusing and at times really challenging. Questions such as “who am I?”, “what do I do now?”, “why don’t these people understand me?” were a big part of trying to make sense of a new phase […]

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The Athlete Journey – From Beginner to Retirement

As athletes we find a sport that enriches our lives, gives us meaning and helps define us. A journey that starts when we were young takes us through our formative years and becomes the backdrop from which we experience the many ups and downs of our lives as we move into and through our adulthood. […]

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Lessons from the Olympics and Strictly

‘The role of leadership is to create an environment in which people thrive’ Exploring environments which consistently bring the best out of people, such as the Olympics, we can see that there is something in the overall architecture of that environment that is creating the conditions that encourage and enable people to improve their performance. […]

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Mobius design and deliver coaching and training as an independent and associate provider:

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